Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday is for Fairy-Tales: Favourite Heroines

This is a meme hosted by me every Friday.

My post today is about: My 5 Favourite Fairy-Tale Heroines

The other day, when I happened to be bored, I took a quizz: Which Disney Princess Are You? And it had me thinking, which fairy-tale ladies did I like best as a child and still love today, or I have grown to love as an adult?

So, today, this post is about my favourite fairy-tale heroines, from different fandoms: fairy-tales, cartoons and even movies. The only rule is that the stories they appear in have to be fairy-tales in some way.

Before I continue, I scored as Belle from The Beauty and the Beast and I am most pleased with the result. You can take the quizz HERE.

My result says: You are Beauty and the Beast's BELLE:
you are smart, sassy and genuine. You are always deep in thought. You are curious about the world and how it works. You enjoy the adventures you are always reading about. Sometimes you wish the world was as exciting as your books. You are an independent person and can be pretty assertive when necessary. You have courage, kindness, ad intelligence.

Now, on to my favourite five fairy-tale heroines. The ladies are (in no particular order):
1. Elisa (The Wild Swans by H.C. Andersen): Elisa is as beautiful on the outside as she is beautiful on the inside. She is sweet, kind, loyal and very patient. She risks her life to save her eleven brothers who are under a curse (they are swans by day and humans by night) and she is rewarded for her courage and loyalty.

2. Belle (Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont + the Disney verison): She is smart, gentle and kind. She overcomes her fears and saves a prince trapped inside a beast's body. Her story is incredibly romantic.

3. Odette (The Swan Princess - Disney): She is cursed - a swan by day, a human by night. She is kind and courageous. She actually doesn't fall into her prince's arms straight away, but questions him first and wants to know if he truly loves her.

4. Danielle de Barbarac (Ever After: A Cinderella Story - movie): She is intelligent, well-read, of an independent mind and very determined. She is kind and sweet, but also very courageous and quite tomboyish. If any heroine ever deserved her prince, then that heroine is Danielle.

5. Princess Ariel (The Little Mermaid - Disney): She is very bubbly and likes to day-dream. When she falls in love with a human prince, she practically gives up her old life and her beautiful voice to be with him. She remains hopeful even when all hope is lost.

These are my favourite fairy-tale heroines! Which are yours? Which Disney Princess are you?


Blodeuedd said...

You are Aladdin's JASMINE:
You are tenacious and always looking for adventure. You have beauty and brains, a perfect combo! You don't want a boring life. You always tend to live life to it's fullest. You are lured by mystery and love to be challenged.

beauty and brain, oh lucky me :)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I also got Belle although I was trying for Aurora-I guess I just love reading too much!

Unknown said...

My favourite is Belle. Of course!

I also love all the princesses in The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Mary Simonsen said...

I like Belle as well. She has spunk!

Enbrethiliel said...


Hmmmm. If we're going by the original fairy tales texts, I don't think I'd make a Top 5 list for princesses alone. Some peasant girls put those princesses to shame! Take Gretel, for instance!

As for the quiz . . . I scored as Jasmine--which surprised me!