Friday is for Fairytales is a meme hosted by Irena (me) at This Miss loves to Read. Every Friday, you can choose a fairytale you love, or simply find interesting or haunting, and review it or simply say why you like it so much, or why it has captured your attention. Instead of a fairytale, you can choose a favourite fairytale character and describe him/her and tell us why you like them, or you can simply share an experience connected to a fairytale. Fairytales can be old and modern, written by a known author or anonymous, written down or passed on orally, short or in novel form (like re-writings of fairytales), international or typical for your country alone. In this case, present your country’s fairytale and we can all become acquainted with a new fairytale. So, make a post every Friday that is connected to the world of fairytales, be it a review, a character description or your own fairytale experience. Let’s celebrate fairytales and share our love for them.

1. Beauty and the Beast
2. The Swineherd
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. Madame d'Aulnoy
5. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
6. The Brothers Grimm (movie)
7. Red Riding Hood
8. On Lickerish Hill
9. Puss in Boots
10. Enchanted (movie)
11. Cinderella vs. Cinderella
12. Ever After (movie)
13. The Snow Queen
14. Pan's Labyrinth (movie)
15. Shrek (movie)
16. The Fisherman and His Soul
17. Top 5 Fairy Godmothers
18. Neil Gaiman's re-telling of Snow White
19. Red Riding Hood - According to Roald Dahl
20. Politically Correct/Feminist Cinderella
21. Catherine Hardwicke Goes Red Riding Hood
22. Top Ten Characters in Random Magic by Sasha Soren
23. The Fir-Tree
24. The Princess and the Pea
25. The Iron Ring
26. Favourite Heroines
27. Fairy-tales in High Fashion
28. The Love for Three Oranges
29. Disney Dresses in Real Life
30. The Goblin Market
31. Rapunzel
32. The Golden Bird
33. The Fiddler and the Sea Nymph
34. The Well of the World's End
35. The Star-Child
36. The Sprig of Rosemary
37. Peter Pan
38. Graciosa and Percinet
39. Lady Yolanda's Thimble
40. The Witch of Lok Island
41. The Wooing of Becfola
42. The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten
43. Aurore and Aimee