Friday, 8 April 2011

Hollywood Sinners by Victoria Fox

GENRE: contemporary fiction/chick lit/drama

POWER Marriage to Hollywood heartthrob Cole Steel secured Lana Falcon a glittering place on the red carpet. But running from a wicked past she has trapped herself in a gilded cage and the price of freedom...her soul? REVENGE Kate diLaurentis' career is fading as quickly as her looks. What could be worse than discovering her husband's latest mistress is Hollywood's hottest starlet? Her only option – the most shocking revenge. LUST Chloe French's innocent beauty has captured a million hearts, but no one's warned her of the dangerous, dark temptation of rock star Nate - will lust destroy her? GREED Las Vegas King, Robert St Louis's fairytale wedding to Sin City's richest heiress is tabloid gold. But scandal circles like a vulture - dirty secrets are about to be exposed! BETRAYAL From the deepest desires come the deadliest deeds...and these four couples are about to pay for their sins...


Hollywood Sinners takes you inside the coveted Hollywood world of glamour and beauty…not to mention lust, betrayal, greed and revenge. It is a gripping tale about the behind-the-scenes of how we picture the luxurious life of Hollywood stars, revealing their dirty secrets and past sins that come back to haunt them.

The novel focuses on several characters that become (deeply) connected over the course of the narrative. The protagonist is Lana Falcon, as her story is the most prominent one. She is the current hot actress in Hollywood, awaiting a possible first Oscar nomination. She is beautiful and rich, and married to the Hollywood heart-throb, Cole Steel. They seem to be the perfect couple, but their marriage is only a publicity stunt. Although their marriage is a sham, Cole keeps finding ways to keep Lana on his leash and trapped and Lana is beginning to feel the walls of her gilded cage closing in on her. When a lost friend from her past comes back into her life, her life doesn’t seem so grim anymore. Then, Lana makes a mistake and gives Cole an excuse to find a new way to trap her. All the time, no one is aware of the fact that someone from Lana’s hidden past has come back – and he wants revenge.

The stories of other characters are just as interesting and offer juicy tidbits from their lives. Elisabeth, a Las Vegas star and the daughter of a wealthy man, is engaged to the very successful Robert St Louis. But something that is connected to Lana Falcon seems to be bothering Robert and her insecurity makes her choose a dangerous path. Cole Steel’s ex wife, Kate diLaurentis, finally found the right man, but it’s turning out that he is an adulterer extraordinaire, which makes her very unhappy. On top of it all, her career is losing its shine and she must form alliances and perform a revenge to get what she wants. Chloe French, an innocent and sweet model from UK, gets a wonderful acting opportunity in Hollywood and even Chloe, dating the notorious musician Nate of The Hides, cannot escape the corruptive charms of Tinsel Town.

The stories of all these characters are highly intriguing and at times even twisted. Their lives are full of mysteries and it seems that appearances are what matters the most, but they are all soon put to a test that will prove them wrong. It is not easy to relate to these characters, as they live in a world so different from the average reader’s, but that is part of the appeal. The story had something of the feel of a soap opera, as it was quite dramatic and the secrets, but especially the revelations, were quite shocking. This was definitely a very interesting and entertaining read.

I must say that there was a bit too much of sex present for my taste, most often described in vulgar terms, but aside from that, the novel provides the reader with a delightful time of pure entertainment. This is a novel that is meant to be dramatic and it is to be enjoyed as such. Imagine The Young and the Restless set in Hollywood and you get Hollywood Sinners.

If you enjoy a bit of glamour mixed with drama, this is definitely a book for you.

Thank you to MIRA Books for sending me a copy of this novel for review!



The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

Sounds like a fun (kind of trashy) read-perfect for the beach? I also love the cover with that dress!

Jo K said...

Oh my, I'm ashamed to admit, I still watch The Young and Restless wen I can, so I'd probably enjoy this Hollywood soap-opera like story.

Blodeuedd said...

I kept thinking Jackie Collins when reading about this book ;)

Dot said...

Loved this book! Very glamorous!